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Ante and Post Natal Pilates

Are you ante or post natal and based around Buckingham? Are you anxious to stay active but not sure exactly what exercise is best for you and you baby? Do you have low back pain that is putting you off?

Pilates is a safe and effective way to strengthen the body by controlled movement. It is an excellent exercise choice for during pregnancy and to aid postnatal recovery. Exercises focus on quality movement, effective breathing and appropriate core strengthening to improve general fitness and wellbeing.

Pregnancy affects pretty much every system in the body- blood volume and heart rate increase, lung capacity is reduced as the diaphragm is pushed up, smooth muscle tone is reduced and ligaments relax. Oseophageal function is also impaired which may cause reflux and poor digestion. These are all adaptive processes to prepare you and the baby for birth.

Perhaps most obviously posture is affected- the centre of gravity moves forward as pregnancy progresses and equilibrium changes. The glutes are subsequently inhibited, the abdominals stretch and the pelvic floor muscles weaken. A forward head and neck position is often adopted to counterbalance.

All of this can put stress and strain on different tissues causing pregnancy related back pain (SPD and pelvic girdle pain), general discomfort and reduced pelvic stability. Incontinence and diastasis are also very common.

So what can we do to help minimize these aches and pains, and help you continue with life as normal during this time of change? Well the great news is that Pilates is clinically proven to help, and not just in improving posture and reducing pain- see our blog

In our Physio led ante and postnatal pilates we focus on maintaining and improving core strength, cardiovascular fitness and movement control. Improved mental wellbeing is also well documented, by promoting mind- body connection.

We take in to account stage of pregnancy and any existing niggles or areas of concern, to ensure that your pilates sessions are specifically tailored your needs, to get the maximum benefit and enjoyment. 

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