Clinical Psychology

with Dr Meera Shah

Providing psychological assessment and therapy for adults experiencing emotional difficulties such as: Stress, Depression, Mood Instability, Low self- esteem, Relationship Difficulties, Bereavement/ Loss, Physical Health Problems (e.g. chronic pain, chronic fatigue, long term health conditions, cancer), Anxiety Disorders (and other types of anxiety problems), Life Crisis, Trauma, Personality Disorders and Self Harming Behaviours 










What to expect: 

The Initial Assessment

The initial assessment meeting is a chance for us to talk about and understand your difficulties. This will involve me asking questions and possibly asking you to complete questionnaires specific to your problems.  It is also an opportunity for us to think about whether therapy will be helpful for you at this time in your life and whether we think that we can work together.  


At this meeting we will also discuss the most appropriate therapeutic approach and agree on a provisional number of sessions. An assessment session normally lasts 50 minutes although occasionally it may last a little longer, or you may require a second assessment meeting to agree on the most appropriate treatment for you. 


I usually provide weekly appointments in order to provide consistency though this can also be discussed. The first 1-2 sessions will usually involve further questioning and developing a shared understanding of how your difficulties have developed, what is keeping them going and what your goals are for therapy. Depending on the type of therapy, we may then think about what would be useful to focus within the sessions, in line with your goals. Therapy can be a difficult process as we start to think more about the emotions you experience. However, it can also be incredibly powerful in understanding what is keeping you stuck in your life and what might need to be done to move forward.


Individual Therapy

The number of therapy sessions needed varies from person to person, depending on your specific struggles and the type of therapy that you receive as well as what your goals are for therapy altogether. Short-term therapy is generally effective in resolving a specific crisis or a problem and usually ranges from 6-12 sessions. Therapies looking at your long term difficulties such as difficulties relating to others or unresolved past issues are often longer as they focus on changing entrenched patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving and relating. For example, cognitive analytic therapy is a time-limited therapy based on 16 or 24 sessions generally but may occasionally last longer depending on the individual’s needs. My aim is to work with people to help them to meet their needs and goals in the shortest time possible.


Is the service confidential?

In accordance with the ethical codes of conduct of the HCPC and the British Psychological Society’s code of ethics, all sessions are confidential. You may provide informed consent for your clinical information to be shared with your GP, other health professionals, friends or family members but this is entirely up to you.  I am committed to continuous professional development and carry full professional liability insurance.

The only time that your confidentiality would potentially be breached is if you were seen to pose an immediate threat to yourself or others (e.g. actively suicidal). Even in such circumstances, however, initial attempts to secure help for you with your permission will definitely be made.

Prices and Booking 

The cost of each 50-minute session is £100. The fees for each session need to be be paid at or before the appointment by cash/ card or bank transfer 

Enquires and/ or booking an appointment

To find out more about the service or if you would like to book an initial assessment, please email me at:

*Please include your phone number for a free, no obligation phone consultation 

*I will aim to contact you within 2 working days