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Covid- 19 Updates

Accessing Physio at Embrace during the pandemic


Following the announcement of a new national lockdown from this week to help reduce the spread of Covid 19- attending medical and healthcare appointments will still be permitted and is classed as essential travel. Therefore we will continue to be able to offer our patients face to face appointments, taking appropriate health and safety measures as laid out by Public Health England. Virtual appointments are also an option should you wish to avoid all face to face contact, are shielding, self isolating or live further afield. 

Self referral to Physio is a great option if you are suffering with musculoskeletal pain or injury- most of time we can help, and if we are unable too- we can refer you to someone that can... Physios can fully assess you, diagnose the problem advise regarding best management. Self referral to Physio can avoid long GP waiting times and take pressure of these services. Read more about self referral to Physio in our Club Embrace section. 


Good news, in Tier 4 we remain open for face to face appointments. Alternatively we can offer you a virtual session if you would rather not come into clinic. We have had some great feedback on virtual appointments provided to patients living locally and further afield- these appointments serve to mitigate all risk, prevent the need for travel and enable assessment and management in the comfort of your own home. Our covid measures are detailed below and we will continue to monitor the situation taking advice from our professional body, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the governments current guidance. 



In Tier 3 we remain open. Our protocol for face to face appointments will remain the same and we will continue to screen every new patient. Existing patients will be able to cancel their booking without charge at any time prior to their appointment if they are feeling unwell, have any possible symptoms or may have been in contact with the virus. 

We are happy to discuss if a virtual appointment may be more appropriate for you. You may want to consider this as a safer option if you are over 70, are significantly overweight, of BAME ethnicity or have diseases that weaken your immune system ie diabetes, HIV/ AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis on multiple medications, pre existing infection, alcohol abuse, long term steroid use or cancer diagnosis for which you are currently undergoing treatment. 

We encourage you to stay physically active at this time- there is growing evidence that people are doing less exercise  and sitting more during the pandemic. We know that exercise is incredibly important for mental and physical health as well as boosting immune function. Infographic by BJSM









As a medical and healthcare service I am happy to say that we remain open under new lockdown restrictions. This is based on the governments current guidance (, alongside the recommendations from our professional body, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, and Physio First. We are, of course, ensuring appropriate health and safety measures are in place, as laid out by Public Health England. Heres how... 


Keeping you safe 

We are fortune to be located in a rural location, with a spacious clinic room, plenty of outdoor space and large windows for aeration. Using the government, scientific, and professional body recommendations, alongside completing thorough risk assessments of the clinic we will also continue to employ the following measures: ​

Spacing Appointments Out

To ensure that we do not have patients crossing over in the waiting area I will block a 10-minute period before and after each face to face appointment.


This 10-minute gap between appointments will enable me to clean all surfaces that have come into contact with an individual prior to your session.
I will only use surfaces or equipment that can be effectively cleaned between each session which means I will not be using pillows, towels or couch covers at this time.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
I will be wearing a face mask, apron and gloves for all sessions and, where appropriate, other forms of PPE as detailed in current government and Public Health England guidelines.
I will also have masks available for patients to use should you not have your own. 


Hand Washing
I will wash my hands prior to treatment, after treatment, and after cleaning.
I also ask all patients to sanitise their hands on arrival and when leaving the clinic using the sanitiser available in the waiting area and outside clinic.


Patients and clinicians will be required to complete a screening form prior to attending for a face to face appointment 

How you can help...

I am asking all patients to help me create a safe environment by following these recommendations:

Monitoring Symptoms
Should you, or someone you have been in close proximity with, present with any of the potential signs or symptoms of Covid-19 listed below, please cancel your face to face appointment and request either an Online Appointment or reschedule your session for after your self-isolation period is over (you will not be charged a late cancellation fee):
A new continuous cough
High temperature
A loss of, or change in, you normal sense of taste or smell


Arriving and Departing Appointments
I kindly ask that all patients arrive no more than 5 minutes before their appointment so that I can co-ordinate the departure of the previous patient and effectively clean the area before bringing you through to the treatment room


Attend Alone
Unless necessary, I kindly ask that patients attend alone wherever possible.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
I will have disposable masks available for all patients should you require one.


Hand Washing
I ask all clients on arrival to sanitise their hands using the alcohol gel available in the waiting area and outside clinic. 


Online Video Consultations

Virtual appointments have proved very successful over the last couple of months and mitigate all risk of travel and face to face contact. We will continue to offer these to patients based on individual preference and if appropriate. 

Keeping us all safe

We will continue to monitor the ongoing situation and notify you of any changes to our services during the ongoing Covid situation- our priority remains the safety of our patients and their families

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me directly at or book an appointment online

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