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Embrace Running Clinic-

Train Smart and Reduce Injury Risk

Are you running for fitness, weight loss or an event? Do you have a niggle or simply want to improve your readiness and resilience to run? At embrace we are passionate about helping you achieve your running goals. We offer a running clinic to keep you injury free and on track. This will involve checking your form and technique, reviewing any previous or existing injuries and examining your program with respect to load management and supplementary training. For £100 you can get a full running MOT with Clinic Director and Specialist Physiotherapist, Zoe Orpwood- Browne at Embrace Therapies Ltd - based in Hillesden, just outside Buckingham.

Great gift for runners


This is a great gift for you or for a family/ friend with big goals this year. Understand the body has a tremendous capacity to adapt and heal given the right information and stimulus.

Full running MOT £100

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