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80% of running injuries are caused due to training error

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Injuries can persist or reoccur if you don't fully understand their root cause. Insufficient rehab and conditioning are common risk factors, and additional stressors outside of your running also need to be considered. A good recovery requires a well-informed and well-planned approach.  The solution? At embrace you will get a thorough assessment with an experienced physiotherapist and be given an accurate diagnosis. Errors in training will be identified and your training program will be reviewed. Your running biomechanics will be assessed and your injury will be fully explained to you. An effective recovery plan and individual rehab programme will be implemented and you will have access to an on-call physiotherapist who will be at your side to make adjustments when needed. You will also be given advice on performance and injury prevention. If you have a running injury or would like some help with your running call or book online today.

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