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Achilles Tendon pain in Runners- you can see why they get grumpy....

Achilles tendon pain rehabilitation

Are you training for an autumn marathon, triathlon or ultra and based around Buckingham? It is very common at this stage in a training program to start experiencing some disconcerting injury niggles, as you increase the mileage.

Today we are looking at the Achillies tendon. When we run our Achilles tendon has to tolerate approximately 6 times body weight per stride. So for me (55kg) running a 50min 10k at 150 strides/ minute equates to 1.23million kg load per leg! You can see why they can get grumpy.

Previous injury and biomechanics can also contribute to Achilles pain.

After a run there is a net loss of tendon collagen (degradation) for the first 24-36hr. This is followed by a net gain (synthesis) over the next 36-72 hr. Good sleep, diet and minimal stress help this process.

Patients often complain of pain that is worse in the morning and on the onset of activity. They may also notice some mild swelling and stiffness. Usually this settles with rest but can get worse if not managed appropriately.

So adequate muscle strength and optimal recovery time between runs is important.

What to do if you are getting pain? Firstly come and see us so that we can check it is just an Achilles Tendinopathy and loading issue- not a tear or other injury. Avoid ice, long term use of anti-inflammatories and any direct massage/ frictions.

Look at your training program and monitor your pain- how is it first thing in the morning, at the start of a run and does it ease off or get worse? Ensure you are doing adequate strengthening- this should be specific to the Achilles, progressive (slow increments in weight) and with good control. Gait training, plyometrics and total lower limb strength exercises can then be integrated. These sessions also needed to be scheduled appropriately between runs.

If would any help from us book online via our website

Enjoy the training!!!

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