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Can we predict who will get injured in football?- World Cup special

With the football World Cup semi finals approaching we turn our attention to the “beautiful game”.

Tim Gabbett has done extensive research into relationship between workload and overuse injury- something that we consider when treating our endurance athletes.

A recent study in the BJSM examined the impact of acute workload (intensity (RPE) x duration of sessions (Mins) over one week) and chronic workload (an average of these scores over 3-4 weeks) in professional football players.

If acute workloads spiked there was association with non contact injury reported in the following week.

However this on its own was not a predictive factor.

Acute:chronic workload monitoring provides us with useful information when planning rehab and performance programs.

McCall et al (2018) Internal workload and non-contact injury: a one-season study of five teams from the UEFA Elite Club Injury Study

Football non contact injury on pitch

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