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Low Back Pain and Working from Home

Long sitting postures certainly do not help in the prevention or management of low back pain. In fact sitting is one of the least healthy activities for our spines.

However with more of us working from home increased sitting is inevitable. Our top three tips for you at this time would be:

1/ there is no perfect posture- whilst we can visualise the text book image of someone sat at their desk, feet flat on the floor, monitor eye level and a straight back, being in any posture for prolonged periods especially those that feel forced an uncomfortable will contribute to back pain

2/ motion is lotion- get up as often as you can to move. This will help offset increased load on spinal tissues, increase blood flow and oxygen and reduce hip stiffness. Prioritising a lunch time walk and regular physical exercise is good for our bodies, brain, managing stress and optimising sleep

3/ relax- allow yourself different options with sitting positions and don’t force/ increase tension in the back by fighting a slumped posture. By overworking this postural muscles they will inevitably start to get tired and more painful.

If you are working from home and suffering from low back pain we can help. Call or book online today. Our physio clinic is ideally situated for Gawcott, Steeple Claydon, Padbury, Preston Bissett, Winslow, Buckingham and Bicester. We can offer face to face and virtual appointments with appropriate covid measures in place. Call or book online today. Book online today

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