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Why do we exercise to recover from injury??

There are a number of reasons why exercise is often THE BEST option to recover from pain and musculoskeletal injury.

Firstly we want the injured muscle/ joint/ bone/ tendon or ligament to adapt so it can withstand the activities you love ie running, cycling, walking. Secondly we want to improve overall capacity so the entire body is also able to tolerate these demands. Within this we want to correct for any disconnect between what you are currently doing and what you hope to be doing ie are you doing too much or not enough.

We also want to reduce pain using the analgesic effect of exercise and reduce sensitivity by getting used to doing it.

We may also need to address impairment ie reduced strength or range movement at a joint through exercise. Finally, but not exhaustively, we want to expose the nervous system so it learns and experiences feeling strong and robust through exercise.

If you have a pain or injury and think exercise would help (it usually does..), come and see us!

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