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Athlete Screening

Rugby player who does pre season screening

Screening is an integral part of pre season training in professional sport. It involves taking a full medical and injury history, gaining information on the individuals current and projected training loads and understanding the physical demands of the individual player within the team. 


Movement quality and strength are then assessed using isolated and functional tests, specific to the sport. These tests are carefully selected according to the research literature.


Previous injuries are thoroughly examined to determine if any deficits remain- we know that previous injury is the most powerful predictor of future injury.


Each sport (and position/ age/ gender) has a profile of relative risk for a particular injury. For example ACL ruptures are more prevalent in female hockey players, groin and hamstring strains in footballers, ankle sprains in basketball and shoulder impingement in overhead athletes. These areas are carefully assessed.


A clear strategy to address any deficits, in line with your current training, is then recommended. This is an opportunity for players to better understand their physiology, with useful information and self-checks they can implement in season.


The goal is to prevent non- contact injuries, before they happen, thus improving availability of players.


At embrace we have comprehensive screening packages that we have developed for hockey, football, cricket and rugby- using research literature and our experience in professional sport. If you are interested in getting a pre season MOT get in touch- we would love to help.


Prevention is better than cure.

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