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Embrace is a Specialist Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic located on the beautiful Farley Hall Estate, between Wokingham and Reading.

​The clinic is run by me, Zoë Orpwood, an experienced high-performance Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.

​My passion is helping you achieve your movement goals, without being limited by pain or injury. I understand the satisfaction of completing a Saturday morning parkrun, your need to be fit for work, the camaraderie of continuing to play team sport, complete an ironman or simply walk the dog or play with your grandchildren.

Empowering you to manage your own body 

I don’t just want to treat you, I want you to fully understand the problem and know what to do to prevent reoccurrence. Equipped with a problem solving evidence based management plan, I do not want you to have to commit to lots of treatment sessions or quick fixes.

Most patients’ needs are resolved in only two sessions after their initial consultation

First year stats showed patients improved, on average, in 2.8 sessions.

I take time to accurately diagnose your problem. I will advise you if further management is required or if Physiotherapy is not right for you, so you don’t go round in circles.

View from clinc window


We are based at Farley Hall Equestrian centre working alongside Trini Yoga where we share a bright, peaceful studio- what a backdrop to your recovery


Our studio space has a spacious rehab area and ample parking


We are situated just outside Swallowfield, within 8 miles of Reading, Wokingham and Hook. 

Assessment with Physiotherapist


No GP waits

Under 25s discount

Assessment with an Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner

Expert evidence based Treatment and Rehabilitation

Rehab with Physiotherapist


I want to empower you, so that you are an expert in your body, and set you up for success.


There are many factors that contribute to pain or injury, by addressing these factors I aim to improve your movement capacity and physical performance.

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